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The OSASTM ("Open Source Accounting Suite")TM accounting application was developed by the author to provide a cost-effective alternative accounting system for churches, charities, societies, and small corporations. The application is "Open Source". This means that the application's source code is freely available.

This application was developed using the NetBeans IDE (Integrated Development Environment).  NetBeans is also an Open Source product.   OSASTM uses the MySQL database management system.  This database is proven to be of major commercial strength and is also freely available as Open Source.

Motivation by the author to develop this product was derived from his faith in Jesus Christ who has blessed him greatly over the years.

The main features of this product include:

  • Enforced database security to control separation of duties through read and update access to the data.
  • Use the application on Windows, Apple, and Linux operating systems. OSASTM is written entirely in the JAVA programming language and can be used on any system with the JAVA virtual machine. Note: the application was solely written and tested on a Windows XP system.
  • Implements the MySQL database on the local computer or on a remote LAN or Internet database server.
  • Provides the following applications:
    • General Ledger Accounting, Cost Centre Accounting, and Budgeting.
    • Donation Accounting and Reporting.
    • Future applications: Inventory Control, Payables, Purchasing, Payroll, Receivables, Sales Reporting, and Work Order and Expenditure Control Accounting.

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